Asset Level Advisory Service

Our Asset Level Advisory Service provides the deepest level of due diligence to fuel the most accurate financial forecasts. The company’s proprietary research engine, combined with in-depth analysis, offers first-of-its-kind, asset-level information that enables sophisticated investors to more accurately forecast revenue and margin.

Depth of Information

We delineate assets that drive revenue into granular, meaningful detail to help reveal how the company will operate in the future. By doing this, we provide the most accurate drivers as inputs to your financial model. These drivers often include expansions, throughput volumes, contract analysis, contract rates and asset level revenue and/or margin.

Seamless Integration

Our data seamlessly integrates with existing financial models leading to actionable decisions. We don’t replace existing financial models; we make them better.


We work with clients to understand what information is most valuable based on their existing forecasting models.


We remove the guesswork in developing financial forecasts and give clients reliable information based on documented facts. We gather all the facts, distill them into knowledge and logically present them to clients for interpretation.

Our team provides monthly and quarterly updates designed to meet each individual client’s needs. We also provide clients with as-needed access to our team of unbiased, experienced research analysts who are committed to providing dynamic client support that ensures each client receives the information they need, how they need it and when they need it.


Key Benefits

Competitive Advantage

Unparalleled industry technical expertise allows the firm to provide its clients with bottoms-up, comprehensive, asset-level analysis of its coverage companies.  Our research models provide the most detailed cash flow forecasts available for companies in the midstream sector.

Industry Knowledge

Our research is produced by industry veterans with over 80 years of experience in all facets of the midstream energy markets including operations, finance, M&A, marketing and trading.

Proprietary Database

Through the exhaustive process of identifying, gathering, and analyzing well-by-well production information associated with individual pipeline assets, shipper contract terms, and regional commodity pricing dynamics, we are able to provide our clients with asset-level cash flow forecasts that we believe are unmatched.

Patent-pending Gathering & Processing Model

Our patent-pending NG gathering and processing model balances production from each well in every basin in the country to an associated gas processing plant. Building on this model allows us to track how many drilling rigs are active on every individual gas processing system in a near real time basis. By using a balanced approach, we avoid the problem of double counting rig and well volumes often created by analyzing individual assets “in a vacuum”. We can create accurate, balanced G&P forecast for every gas processing asset in the country. Additionally, we can see the producer make-up of each system.


We are completely independent of the conflicts of interest associated with most sell-side research.  We are not involved with trying to win investment banking or other capital markets transaction fees from our coverage companies. This independence aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Risk Mitigation

Our detailed asset-level research provides our clients with information to mitigate market surprises such as the $3 billion one-day loss of a major midstream MPL (BWP).  Shifting supply dynamics, shipper contract expirations and changes in basis differentials were signals that certain assets of the company would suffer a severe reduction in revenue.  Our exhaustive analysis of individual wells supplying specific pipeline assets and the associated contract terms combined with deep commodity expertise provide our clients with market intelligence that we believe is unequaled.