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The Daley Note 4/7/2021

The Daley Note 4/07/2021

  • Not an April Fools’ Joke: The Bonanza Creek and HighPoint merger announced in Nov. 2020 closed April 1, combining BCEI’s acreage in the northeast Wattenburg with HPR’s in the Wattenburg and Hereford areas. BCEI, DCP, HPR, PDCE, SMLP
  • East Daley Joins RBN in New Webinar: East Daley will join RBN Energy for a live webinar April 8 reviewing a recent report on TC Energy. Click here to register for tomorrow’s webinar. TRP
  • Redesigned East Daley 1Q21 Earnings Previews: We will release to clients our newly updated 1Q21 Earnings Previews for the 26 midstream energy companies within our coverage in the coming weeks. Contact for more information.
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