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The Daley Note 4/1/2021

The Daley Note 4/01/2021

  • Canadian Natural Resources System Outperforms in WCSB : Currently there are 70 rigs active in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin amid the industry’s regional “spring break-up.” ATGFF, CNQ, ET, OVV, PEYUF
  • Biden Plan Targets Renewables, Electrification: President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure plan that proposes new spending targeting renewable energy, with one item of note for oil and gas.
  • East Daley Expands Private Debt Coverage: East Daley has expanded The Daley Note to include real-time updates on movements in private company debt in the midstream sector, available in today’s edition.
  • North American Energy Indicators and Equity Prices
  • North American Natural Gas Prices
  • North American Crude Oil Prices
  • North American Natural Gas Liquids Prices