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The Daley Note 2/1/2021

The Daley Note 2/01/2021

  • More Valuable than Toilet Paper in 2020: Producers in 2020 were stockpiling drilling permits ahead of the incoming Biden administration, a newly valuable commodity following Biden’s signing last Wednesday (Jan. 27) of an Executive Order imposing a new leasing moratorium on federal lands. A large inventory of permits should help alleviate near-term risk to activity and midstream volumes resulting from a moratorium or further limits.
  • Crestwood is Banking on the Bakken: Crestwood Equity Partners (CEQP) relies heavily on its Arrow system in the Bakken to drive its revenue, and during 2H2020 CEQP reported record volumes on the system. East Daley is expecting volumes on Arrow to continue to rise in 2021. (CEQP)
  • November Crude Production Up M-o-M: The U.S. Energy Information Administration updated its 2020 crude production data Friday (Jan. 29) to include November 2020 volumes.
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