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The 2021 Midstream Outlook

Source: Midstream Business, December 2020

What a tumultuous year it was. Between an oil price crash, COVID-19 demand destruction and the change in the executive branch, the outlook for oil and gas has been reset in many cases. While much has been published and discussed about the upstream and downstream sectors, what awaits the U.S. midstream sector in 2021 and beyond? Often on the front lines of environmental strife in the public eye due to high-profile pipeline projects— Keystone XL is about to take center stage—midstream has often proved resilient to changes in the political, social and economic landscapes. In many cases, it is positioned well to take advantage of new opportunities in the energy transition. To get a better sense of what lies ahead for midstreamers, we went right to the source. Midstream Business held a virtual roundtable with three industry insiders— GPA Midstream president and CEO Joel Moxley, GPA Midstream’s vice president of government affairs Matt Hite and East Daley Capital managing director Ethan Bellamy—who provided answers.

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