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October 7, 2016

OOOOOOOklahoma Where Gas Flows – Recently filed contract data from Kinder Morgan and Energy Transfer’s Midcontinent Express Pipeline (MEP) shows contracts being renewed despite pipeline being underutilized…….
King Coal a Future Tailwind to Kinder? Our focus on coal markets is typically limited to coal power plant retirements and their effect on natural gas supply and demand.  However, seaborne coal exports are an important driver of Kinder Morgan’s (KMI) terminals segment…..
Ethane Mood Swings – WPZ’s gas plants in the Rockies switched into ethane recovery starting in Q2, according to our latest gas processing plant data…..
Planes, Pipes and Tariff Rates – Kinder Morgan’s Central Florida Pipeline (CFPL) shippers issued a joint complaint regarding tariff rates. The pipeline system transports gasoline and ethanol on one pipe and diesel fuel and jet fuel on another pipe from Tampa to Orlando……
OVC, Yeah You Know Me – On October 1, EQT Midstream Partner’s (EQM) Ohio Valley Connector (OVC) commenced service. The 36-mile, 850 MMcf/d pipeline takes gas from EQM’s Equitrans and Sunrise Transmission System (and MarkWest’s Mobley Plant) in northern West Virginia to an interconnect with Rockies Express Pipeline in Clarington, OH……

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