Data Distribution

East Daley has begun partnering with several third-party data providers to further our commitment of providing innovative tools and detailed data and insights that help clients get ahead of market opportunities and risks. East Daley's research, now available on multiple platforms, allows users to view and prioritize the midstream asset universe quickly and efficiently to gain actionable insights, all powered by East Daley's comprehensive proprietary modeling of operational data for North American midstream assets. Subscribe to the platform options below to gain access to East Daley's data, for more detail on our suite of products and how you can gain access to our expert team of analysts, please email

The industry’s best tool in aggregating news, third-party research, commodity prices, equity prices, and debt prices available all on one platform, will now be powered with East Daley’s midstream energy data, coverage and expertise. When identifying investing opportunities, users will be able to view East Daley’s data and reports directly in the Bloomberg Terminal along with other industry news and data to bring even further transparency to the financial markets. For access details, please email

The largest known database of its kind, East Daley’s Asset Database on Amazon provides access to over 1,000 North American midstream assets with asset-level information owner, location, throughputs, rates, revenues, expenses, and more. The combination of East Daley’s proprietary modeling capabilities and metadata tagging organizes each line item from the models into a searchable format by owner, basin, commodity type, asset type, and origin/destination. Clients are able to search and screen for assets, gain a comprehensive view of financial and fundamental metrics in specific areas, and compare underlying drivers on an asset-level. Click here to subscribe on Amazon Web Services.

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