Crude Hub Report Product and Data Set

During such an unprecedented time, East Daley’s analysts are using all the internal models and tools at their disposal to run scenarios for all market conditions. One of our most valuable and widely leveraged products through this time has been our Crude Hub Model and Data Set, which provides a holistic view into pipe-by-pipe crude flows across the U.S. and Canada. Over the course of the past few weeks, we have made several changes to the model and report for enhanced use.

We are so excited about the advancement of this product, that we are re-launching it to our partners to leverage the data and insights for their strategies. The optimized monthly report and model is a valuable benchmark to help identify constraints, analyze opportunities for infrastructure newbuilds and expansions and mitigate risk through differential-based financial and physical hedges. We have found this to be valuable for not only our commodity market client base, but also those in capital markets looking to gain a better understanding of market opportunities and risks.

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The Crude Hub Report and Data Set Product allows you to:

  • Gain a Holistic View: Understand crude flows by pipeline into and out of major crude hubs in the U.S. and Canada to connect regional price spread movements to the global market.
  • Predict Market Opportunities and Risks: East Daley’s spread and pipeline forecasts are based on supply/demand fundamentals and powered by capital market insights into contracts, marketing strategies, and rate analysis to allow for greater accuracy in predicting market movements and opportunities.
  • Connect the Commodity Market with the Capital Market: The enhanced pipeline flow forecasts feed through East Daley’s asset-level company blueprint models tied to midstream financial performance. We’re forecasting midstream earnings, which means we have a very high incentive to be as right as possible about future pipeline flows.