Commodity Insights Solution

The NEW Commodity Insights Package™ Is Now Available for the Permian, Northeast and Bakken Crude Oil and Natural Gas Markets


East Daley’s NEW Commodity Insights Package™ provides a balanced, cross-commodity view of the interplay between commodities and the companies that produce and transport commodities. The Commodity Insights Package™ analyzes the Permian, Northeast, Bakken, Gulf (onshore), Anadarko and Rockies producing regions in the U.S. from the wellhead to the market delivery point.


Crude oil, NGLs and natural gas are analyzed collectively, as crude oil production can directly impact the production of NGLs and natural gas. This new analytics package provides analysis on processing and transportation constraints, compares rigs to completions, forecasts production growth and reviews the impacts of new infrastructure.


East Daley is the only company that blends together commodity information and investment information into a unique and singular approach to understanding how energy commodity fundamentals impact company financials and vice versa. East Daley’s unique approach to analyzing companies down to the asset level can produce different earnings expectations and reveal how markets will function in the future. We go down to the asset level in our forecasts – we are not aware of anyone else that does that – and allow our clients an easy way to spot potential investment opportunities.