2020 Dirty Little Secrets

Molecules to Money: Asset-Level ROCE

This report provides the most comprehensive review of upside and downside risk of the midstream companies that East Daley covers. This report is used by investors, institutional banks, fund managers, midstream companies and E&Ps to understand how changing energy market dynamics will impact the midstream sector in 2020 and beyond. We are excited to announce that the main section of Dirty Little Secrets is set to release in December 2019! A full month sooner than in past years. The second part of the report that includes all midstream companies under coverage will release in January 2020.

This report is made possible by East Daley’s dedicated team of midstream analysts, leveraging the largest database of U.S. energy infrastructure that delivers unprecedented clarity into the vast network of midstream assets.

The purpose of Dirty Little Secrets is to make a very complex sector easily digestible. This report is a must read for the seasoned market veteran and for those who are looking to get into the midstream space. Dirty Little Secrets is a vital tool to help you assess midstream risk, by providing you with non-biased and data-driven analysis made possible from the largest database of U.S. energy infrastructure. At East Daley, we do the “heavy lifting” for you so that you can focus on strategy and execution.