Consensus Comparison Report

The "CCR" Highlights EDC’s Asset-Level, Data-Supported Divergent View - and Helps Clients Find the Best Market Opportunities

East Daley’s Consensus Comparison Report is a unique product highlighting where EDC’s views on company earnings diverge from market consensus. This report brings together data from EDC’s Blueprint Models for companies under coverage into one summary product.

The purpose of this powerful comparison is to clearly communicate to clients where EDC has a divergent view relative to consensus and allows them to analyze potential opportunities using EDC data sets that go down to an asset level at the company in question.

EDC is the only company that blends together commodity information and investment information into a unique and singular approach to understanding how energy commodity fundamentals impact a company’s cash flow. This comparison shows how EDC’s unique approach to analyzing companies down to the asset level can produce different earnings expectations that that of sell-side research. We go down to the asset level in our forecasts – we are not aware of anyone else that does that – and allow our clients an easy way to spot potential investment opportunities.

East Daley Capital is an energy asset research firm

that is redefining how markets view risk for midstream energy companies. In addition to using top-level financial data to forecast a company’s performance, East Daley delivers asset-level analysis that provides comprehensive, fact-based intelligence. Supported by a team of unbiased, experienced research analysts, East Daley provides its clients unparalleled insight into how midstream companies operate and generate cash flow. East Daley uses publicly available fundamental data and intersects that data with a company’s reported financials to break midstream companies down to asset-level cash flows. The result allows for more informed decisions.