East Daley Capital: Canadian Company and Basin Coverage

It's Big, it's Complex, and Why it Matters More than Ever.

Clients of East Daley can now leverage the industry’s-leading asset-level midstream research, with a northern perspective. East Daley has integrated Canadian company and basin coverage, providing clients with faster expertise, faster details, and faster answers to maximize their ROI. Clients can leverage the Canadian coverage to simplify midstream by breaking down and rebuilding supply chain data to understand how molecules connect to the money. Those looking to allocate capital can harness proprietary models that stitch together factual data to form the most comprehensive mosaic of data, research, and resulting business intelligence. Pairing Canadian coverage with existing U.S. coverage expands the insights and perspectives to form an unparalleled, data-driven coverage footprint.

Canadian company and basin coverage are now widely available for purchase including TC Energy (TRP), Pembina (PBA), and the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). We plan to continue expansion into Canada with upcoming coverage on KEY and ENB in the coming months. Our observations on the .CN market:

  • Canadian companies, such as TC Energy, Pembina and Enbridge, represent one third of total North American midstream market capitalization.
  • With the impending November election and potential impacts to regulations, investors are increasingly looking North due to the uncertain U.S. landscape.
  • Due to limited growth potential, Canadian and the U.S. commodity supply economics could dramatically shift.

Company and Basin Coverage Includes

Each full subscription is inclusive of a full product suite to providing the most in-depth asset-level coverage as well as macro level trends:

Company Dashboard
Board Reports/Company Financial Models
Blueprint Summary
Capital Spend Summary
Production Scenario Tool
Production and Constraint Forecast

Every EDC Subscription Package includes:

Real-time analyst support
Daily market commentary updates
Weekly in-depth market studies
Bi-monthly market presentations
Unlimited subscriber access


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